As I said tom.

i'm afraid I have to disagree sinse it doesn't! require a physics engine, certainly a game like super marrio brothers doesn't have anything that complex, and I can think of plenty of freeware indi graphical games (starting with turrican remakes), which play with the characters' movement in this way simply by altering base walking speed in one direction or other or altering details about jumps.

Take conveyers or cog wheel platforms as an example.

If a game like Q9 is programmed to move your char one space left or right for each press, insert three functions.

1: The character will automatically move right 1 space for each 0.5 seconds they are on the convery.

2: The character will move two spaces right for each right press of the direction key while on the conveyer.

3: The character will move one space left for each three presses of the arrow key while on the conveyer.

And thus we have the function of a current pushing the character along, making them walk faster in one direction and slower in another, which could be a conveyer, a turning wheel or goodness knows what else, no more physics required than altering the characters' base walking speed according to their posoition on the conveyer.

While I certainly do take the point that this isn't easy, I think by equating such features in games with realistic physics your rather over complicating the issue over all.

Beware the grue!


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