I have known people that would not use a cane or a dog because it made them, heh heh heh, look blind? One of them used to walk past a gas station on a regular basis, and he got a bit side tracked one day and fell into a grease pit. A guy came running out of the station yelling, "Hey! Are you OK?" After being assured that he was, the guy then asked, "Why the heck, although he used another word, don't you use a dog or a cane?" The guy told him that it would draw attention to the fact that he was blind. The response? "Oh. In that case, are you bombed? What are you doing in that grease pit? What are you, blind or something?" To me, these kind of people should receive a Darwin award after their importance of appearance has killed them. I'm not ashamed of my blindness. The fact is, I'm blind. I'm mobile. That's what Carolina's for. She's a good German Shepherd Guide Dog. I don't care if people notice that I'm blind, because it's a fact.

Shepherds are the best beasts!
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I've encountered the atitude that "I don't use a cane because it shows I'm blind"

Actually this came up when i was applying for a guide dog last year (I'm stil on the list).

the thing I find odd, is that I use a cane not for anyone else, or for appearence, but just for me!

My sense of space (or lack of), frequently means I can't judge the distance of something even if I perceive or see it (and it'd have to be pretty close for me to see it).

Looking as though I'm blind? I think i'd look far more stupid falling down a flight of stairs and breaking my nose, and as for danger, ----- well see the above comment!

In terms of other people and taking up more pathway that rather confuses me, sinse certainly with the technique I use the cane tip is only 2 foot in front of my own feet and as wide as my body.

There are certainly people, ----- mmmm, lets say larger in gurth than i am who probably take up more space overall ;D.

I sometimes run into complaints when i'm out and about, not of me, just of disabled people in general (I think such people would complain equally if there was someone in a wheel chair coming down the street), but usually such people will get a very sharp answer indeed.

beware the grue!

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