HI Charles,

You are right. I can think of a number of cases where games can be
very educational.

For example, I've never been the worlds greatest speller for some
reason. Yet I've found since playing Hangman my spelling has improved.
the main reason is you have to be good at guessing and spelling to
play that game and if you get it wrong you'll want to see how the word
is correctly spelled and remember it. Its a way of practicing spelling
that is fun and entertaining.

If you are playing a trivia game that might require an entire genre of
topics from history, to music, to television, to geography, to
whatever you are not only playing a game, but learning as you go. If
you get a question like "name the longest river in the world" and you
guess wrong the computer opponent might say "what is the Nile" and get
it right. You suddenly learned something about rivers you didn't know


On 4/28/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Games can actually be educational.  Get someone playing a game, and they
> learn keyboard commands and tasks without realizing they are learning what
> they couldn't grasp before learning the game.
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> Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to
> heart.

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