Hey Tom,
any chance you'll consider adding an analog weapons system to the game?  I had 
several ideas on this.
First, I personally tend to use my fists more than any other weapon--they get 
the job done just as well for me.  I was thinking that you could add a stamina 
counter that goes down the harder you fight, the longer you run, etc.  So to 
deliver a light punch, you would hold space down for a fraction of a second, 
and to give a heavy punch hold it down longer.  The heavier the punch, the 
bigger the drain on the stamina, but one heavy punch would be more effective 
than five light ones.  If you include dexterity later on, it could take out dex 
points if Angela's not wearing gauntlets or gloves.  This would require 
judgment again, as a skeleton might only need two light punches, where it might 
take a heavy punch to knock out a minotaur.
the same could be true if she swings a sword.  Also, if she has any type of 
powered weapon, the longer the button is held down the bigger the charge.  What 
are your thoughts on this?
Ken Downey
The Addictor
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