My only issue is ken, personally staminer in that way would just be an irritating game mechanic to me, sinse what I'd do would be fight with maxed attacks, then just stand around until i was recovered.

so, all it would add to the game would be more standing around essentially.

while chargeable or otherwise limted weapons have existed the usual method is slightly different.

for instance in many games (mega man, metroid, gunstar heroes, zelda etc), tapping an attack button produces a weak attack, while holding for a length of time then releasing can build up to a stronger attack up to a certain level, the catch being that while you can constantly throw weak attacks, strong attacks have charge time so you'll need to dodge around for a bit before launching one.

some beat em ups employ this principle too.

the basic idea is that you need free time from attacking to produce a stronger attack, meaning that attack must be accurate, or meaning you must trade several small attacks for one powerful one.

this is why so many of the mega man zero bosses are particularly hard, sinse zero fights with a z sabre, a short range sword, and must dodge around with it charged and maneuver carefully around the boss's attacks to get close enough to give a powerful hit.

I'm not sure about this in mota, sinse I can't really see how you would retain physical charge on a sword (ie, stand and prepare for a big swing), and climb a rope, though it could bee interesting if the mechanics could be worked out.

Alternatively, using the tap vs press idea, short attacks could be quicker but weaker, while strong attacks be slower but stronger, so when fighting a skeleton, many short attacks might despatch it quickly, while a strong enemy like a centaur might need one heavy blow sinse it'd just shrug off quick hits and attack you back.

some games have had a method like this one too, for instance several abilities in kirby superstar, and some of the weapons in gunstar heroes and Omega boy.

for limiting by staminer or some other measure though which recovered slowly over time, i'm less certain really for the reason i mentioned.

beware the Grue!


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