In the updated Harry Potter 2 trivia file of Jim Kitchen's trivia game, I have so far scored 78 out of 80, but have found an error. Here's the question:

q>Who murdered Cedric Diggory.
1>Peter Pettigrew.
2>Severus Snape.
3>Lucius Malfoy.
4>Barty Crouch Junior.
5>Lord Voldemort.
8>The Lestranges.
9>None of these.

I chose A, because, wasn't it Peter, who obeyed the command from Lord Voldemort, to "Kill the spare!"? The command was heard in a cold high pitched voice, which would have been Voldemort's. Peter was carrying the weak Voldemort in a blanket when Harry and Cedric arrived in the graveyard.

The trivia file shows the answer as


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