Here are the steps required to run the games. This should work with every screen reader around, though some work better than others. NVDA works the best if you ask me. 1. Go to programs>accessories>command prompt. this should open a dos style window. I recommend maximizing it by going to the system menu with alt space and selecting maximize. 2. Navigate to the game you'd like to play. to change drives, enter the drive's letter in uppercase followed by a colon, followed by enter. For directories, enter cd followed by the directory the game is in. As an example, my copy of mobius mountain's demo is on the d drive in a folder called dg. Since the command prompt starts you off on C, I first have to enter D: (to get to the D drive, then cd dg\mobius97 to get to the actual game. 3. To then start the game you enter its name, though it may frequently be shortened. Since The full name mobius mountain exceeded dos's 8-character limit and would over-all be long to type in, it had been shortened to mobius. And after that, the game begins. When asked for sound driver, You can use the default driver, or if available go down to windows sound and use that instead. Also for NVDA, there is a bug in the command prompt where it tries to move you in the screen although there's a menu, to get around that, just hit nvda+f2 before each arrow key to bypass. Also, you can run the games from explorer, though that way you may frequently miss any good bye messages and so on. This is because Printing the message is done very quickly and after that the game closes, and seeing explorer's command prompt window is temporary it will close and you'll not see said message. Finally, if you experience slowdown, changing the priority of the EXE (cmd.exe if you're using the command prompt or the game's name.exe if ran from explorer) using the task manager may help. To do that, hit ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager, find the processes tab, locate the exe in the list, hit your applications key and you will see the priority there. HTH!

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