Hi Will,

First, I understand your frustration, but you must have missed my
message to Phil about my plans for beta 20 which will likely be 1.0
rc1. What I mean by that is now that I have finally merged the Windows
G3D Engine and the Linux G3D Engine into a single cross-platform
engine I can focus my attention specifically on levels 3 through 12,
adding the game registration, etc. All of that shouldn't take more
than a month. As I also said I'm looking for a mid summer release
schedule. So you aren't going to be deaf, old, and gray before this
thing comes out. I can pretty much say end of Auggest latest.

Second, the problem with using the G3D 2.0 Windows engine and
finishing MOTA using that is that the 2.0 engine and the 3.0 engine
are not fully compatible. There are a number of differences in the
types of parameters required to initialize certain functions, pan
sounds, set volume, whatever.

For instance, the FMOD Ex API which I have integrated into the G3D 3.0
cross-platform engine has a volume range of 0.0, off, to 1.0 full
volume. DirectSound, via Streemway, used in the 2.0 engine has a
volume range of 0, full volume, and -10000, off. There is no easy way
to wrap the volume controls and make them take the same range of
parameters without a lot of extra effort.

The bottom line here is that with differences like that in the two
versions of the G3D Engine it is going to dramatically slow down
development because I'll essentually be developing two different
versions of the game instead of one. Any changes I make to the Windows
version of the game I'll have to repete in the non-Windows version of
the game. Meaning double the time, work, and effort to create the
game. Not the ideal situation. And I know what you are going to say.
"Why not completely forget about Mac, Linux, etc and just create the
Windows version?"

Simple. I'm no longer using Windows full time. I've already decided I
am not paying tu upgrade to the next version of Microsoft Windows, and
Windows 7 is basically the last version I intend to own unless I get a
copy with a new PC. Otherwise my future will be on a Linux PC, and I'm
looking at buying a Mac instead of a PC next time around. So Windows
is history as far as I am concerned. At most I'll use Windows via
Fusion, Bootcamp, VMWare, or something like that for the apps and
games I've already purchased, but me Windows are going our separate
ways, and because of that I intend to take my games and other software
projects with me to the new platform. Otherwise if I can't do that
there is absolutely no point in writing them.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it is reality. I'm not going to
put time into creating games and other software specifically for
Windows users only to end up rewriting them from scratch for myself.
That's not only stupid that's utterally pointless if there is a way to
design the software product to meet the needs of Windows users as well
as my needs as well. I've actually done that with the Genesis 3D 3.0
engine. The game runs identically on Windows and Linux, and expect
with a bit of tweeking and a few bug fixes will be a decent
cross-platform engine. Why would I throw the lass two months of work
away just to pander to the Windows users?


On 5/25/11, william lomas <will.d.lo...@gmail.com> wrote:
>       hi tom et al,
> can't you just release mota as it was in beta 18 i.e. finish the levels and
> be done with it?
> all these betas are now getting rediculous, i know you and I want mac
> support as well Thomas but most of us are on windows, not Linux.
> I'll be dead by the time you release a game you actually have created
> yourself *smile* or too deaf to play.
> You keep on saying how you are irritated with the project, and all of us on
> the list here can empathize but surely if you just worked on the other
> levels beta 18 was fine as it was in my view, and then you can work on
> titles like an fps game, that you as a developer, really wish to work on.
> WIll

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