Play a greedy shyster, an ambiscious con artist or a ruthless programmer in 
this highly addictive game creation simulation game. 

Build your scam from the ground up adding parts such as convincing description, 
realistic gameplay and consistant plot then challenge customers in exciting 
sales battles. 

Earn lots of cash, plus various awards and medels such as the Shil master 
award, the Bill gates award for ruthlessness, the scumbag medel of dishonour 
and the legion of lies, as you attempt to scam as many people as possible with 
this entirely ficticious game. 

Explore new markits and genres and higher partnes to assist you in your 
adventures, but be careful they do not turn on you, also always be aware that 
discovery could lead to loss of proffits, prison, and of course everyone 
knowing just what a lousy wrotten scumbag you are! 

All customers have a suspicion level which will rise throughout the game, and 
you'll need to work increasingly hard spending many hours on your fake project 
to keep those suspicions at zero. 

Scammers 4 will feature fullly featured audion, support for all known screne 
readers pluss come with a small computerized robot to read the screen, will run 
on every single platform and will be both single and multiplayer. 

The game will be released sometime iin the near future, or else the slightly 
further off future, or maybe the disant ffuture. 

in fact a certain release date is set for July, or august, or september, or 
maybe even october december or next january depending upon many factors, 
however this is subject to change (like when the month changes).

Preorders of the game will be used to both further developement and promote 
accessible games in the mainstream industry by making the developer so rich he 
can hier a bunch of thugs to kidnap ceo's of capcom and nintendo and beat them 
with sticks until they authorize the creation of accessible games, however this 
is obviously a costly process sinse thugs do not come cheapk, and thus to 
support this effort please preorder a copy of Scammers 4, and future games in 
the scammers series. 

The game will retail for 500 dollars, however preordering will get you a 
discount of 1 dollar, so please send a check for the amount of 499 dollars and 
when the game is released you will recieve an activation code, ---- possibly! 

Use paypal it's fast, loose and insicure!

All the best, 

Jack m good, cheaf developer of hedsgone soft. 

Note, all dealings of this company are represented by cheatum and Dash, 
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