Hi Dark,

I'm with you there. When developing Mysteries of the Ancients I've put
a lot of these things in place already, and I think if I ever do
another side-scroller I want to add more strategy and tactics into it.

As you probably know I have played many beat-m-up games including
Legend of Kage, Bad Dudes, Double Dragon, Batman, Ninja Turtles, and
so on and am aware of what you are talking about. I'm also quite aware
of what games like super Liam and Q9 lack, and want to change that in
my own games.

You are absolutely right that even an old beat-m-up like TMNT had way
more tactics and strategy than any of the accessible games. With TMNT
in particular it required different tactics and skills depending on
which turtle you were playing with at the time. Leonardo had a lot
more range and could fight at a distance where Rafaelwas definitely a
close in fighter. Each turtle was unique and definitely lent his own
particular style to the game.

In Batman, one of my all time favorite beat-m-ups, there were enemies
that would drop down out of the ceiling, traps to jumpover, as well as
enemies closing in from the left or right. You really had to pay
attention that an enemy didn't land on top of you, or a flying enemy
with a jet pack didn't hit you with a flamethrower before you could
take him out with a batarang. Which, of course, required different
weapons for different types of enemies.

Standard thugs you could just knock out with fists. Flying enemies or
those standing on walls needed a long range weapon like a batarang or
rocket. You really had to think about what you were doing or were
going to get slottered pretty quick.

As you explained enemies were not always level with you. Many of them
were above or below you. You had to change tactics and strategy to
take out enemies because there might be hidden snipers above you, or
some enemy that might be firing up at you from below. It was quite a
bit different than what we have now.


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