Hi Dark,

The Batman game for the original NES was definitely a walk along
beat-m-up. You could punch, kick, throw batarangs, and as i recall
pick up missile launchers to take out flying enemies. I would class it
more like TMNT and Double Dragon than with Megaman or Castlevania.

In either case your point that we lack a vertical dimention is
definitely correct. In Legend of Kage for example you could climb
certain trees run up/down staircases in the castle level, and enemies
could attack from above, below, behind, or straight ahead. We simply
do not have that style of game as a walk along beat-m-up or anything
else yet.


On 7/2/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> here I was specifically thinking of games like tmnt, double dragon, golden
> axe etc. If batman is similar to batman on the mega drive (the only batman
> game I've played), then I'd class that more as a 2D platformer ala mega man,
> castlevania etc rather than a beat em up despite the fact you could punch.
> We've already had discussions on list about the 2D vertical plane, which is
> why I'm hopeful mota, and probably perilous hearts, will change people's
> perceptions in this idea.
> however, here I was just making the point after playing walk along beat em
> ups, that even in a game like final fight or streets of rage where you are
> always just walking left to right, there is an additional, vertical
> dimention to the gameplay which has been totally missing in audio games thus
> far, just as much as full 2D vertical jumping has been missing too.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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