The task of constructing a new building is done by 2 different groups of 
people.  When you decide to make a new building, a House for example, a 
construction site is created.  Peasants will begin carrying lumber, bricks, and 
anything else needed, to that construction site automatically.  Depending on 
how far away the construction site is, sometimes that takes a little while.  
You will be told, as the peasants drop off supplies.

At any time you can hover over the building and press enter to check on its 
status.  A building that's under construction will tell you if it is still 
waiting on more supplies.  If all of the supplies have been delivered, it will 
tell you what percentage complete it is.

When the supplies have all been delivered, the peasants are finished with their 
part.  Now, builders will travel out to the construction site and start 
building.  Once again, depending on where you're building, it may take them a 
little while to walk there and do their jobs.  You will be told as different 
people work on constructing your new building.  Once they have done enough 
work, you will be told that the building is completed.

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