Ok guys, here's the update.  I fixed a few more glitches with the new AI, 
thanks to several saved game files people sent me.  I've added 2 more perks, 1 
more fault, and a lot of the ground work for the new features I am trying to 
get done.  As odd as it sounds, I'm actually counting on some errors when you 
enable the new content.  This will help me determine what else still needs to 
be done.  Don't worry though, the game will still work as normal if you 
continue to play it the traditional way.  Please download version 0.7b.

In the character creation section, you will notice there is a new toggle 
option, after the fault.  By default, it is set to Single player.  Until the 
new feature is officially added, just keep playing with this setting.  What I 
would like everyone to do, just once, is press Enter on that option and change 
it to Multiplayer co op mode.  When you begin your game, there is a good chance 
that some type of error will pop up, either instantly, or up to 60 seconds 
later.  If you receive an error, please post it for me, as well as 
approximately how long it took before it popped up.  If someone else has 
already posted the exact same error, you don't need to post yours.  Once you've 
done this to help me out, just go back to playing on Single player.  I will do 
what I can to get the new features coded as fast as humanly possible, lol!

I guess this gives a pretty good hint about the new features I've been trying 
to get finished.  :D

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