Version 1.2b has just been posted.  I saw several people on multiplayer when 
the server was switched over, so I'd imagine they'll all be here soon to grab 
the new version.

Among many little fixes, I have finally squashed that annoying resource bug!  
I've re worked huge sections of the AI, to make things more stable, and I 
believe it will fix many little issues people have reported.  For normal and 
hard difficulties, I have added in random disasters.  Eventually I'll add some 
benefits, but I'm starting with what I've got coded.  For any sighted players, 
a whole new GUI is in the works, along with artwork for what is going on.  The 
graphics are not finished, but this update contains a pretty big step in that 

The multiplayer server is a bit more stable now, as well as the client side of 
the multiplayer code.  Setting farms to closed, will keep farmers from 
harvesting from them.  I think you'll also find, that the AI is a little better 
at evening out the work load.  Instead of focusing all of their efforts toward 
a certain type of crop, farmers will spread out appropriately.

I'm sure I've made other changes, but I can't remember.  Have fun playing!

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