Hi all,

I've been playing Awesome Homer and have some thoughts and suggestions. 

First, Please add a way to skip the level intros when restarting a level. I
would also like to see the results of the current level read out when you
die, rather than the whole log file. Third, a learn game sounds would
certainly help on some levels, though it is not exactly necessary.

I have some thoughts about specific levels, so if you haven't made it at
least to level 7 I suggest you stop reading.








In level 1, I don't really have many suggestions. The level plays well and
the sounds are basically self-explanatory.

For level 2, it wasn't immediately clear until I died a couple times that
you need to line up the sound of both planes in the stereo field, rather
than centering the new one.

Level 3 took some getting used to how fast you turn, but once I got it it
was fine.

On level 4, your speed starts off extremely slow and increases slowly. You
might consider a faster starting speed and less finite speed increases.

No complaints about level 5.

For level 6, there needs to be some better explanation. Sometimes, when I'd
turn towards wind, I'd die without being able to do anything. Others, I'd
enter a new area where the music changed. It boiled down to trial and error
for me until I eventually got it.

As for level 7, I still haven't beaten it. When I accelerate, I hear two
cars, and try to get next to one of them, and I'd either get a crash with a
monkey screech when I ran into a car, or a monkey call when I passed one of
them. After that, I was never able to find the two cars again. Could someone
who has beaten the game please give me some hints on level 7?


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