Hey guys, I'm still busy coding the next version, but I've finished one of the 
pieces and it will require help from some of you!  As some of you know, I only 
speak English, and some people have contacted me because they would like to see 
Castaways translated into other languages.  I already have someone willing to 
do a French translation, but if you know other languages, and are willing to 
help, I'd appreciate it!

Here is how it works.  Download this text file.
Inside, you will find every piece of dialog Castaways displays, although they 
are broken into pieces.  There are 2 copies of each line, and it is important 
that the first line is left in English, exactly as it is written.  The line 
under it, is to be replaced with a translation.  If there is punctuation in the 
original line, try to keep it in the translated line as well.

There are some places where similar messages seem like a bit of a waste.  Some 
people may wonder why we don't just translate each word individually, but here 
is why I am doing it this way.  If I change all of the words from English, to 
another language, the way it is worded will no longer sound natural.  Different 
languages arrange words differently, and sometimes extra words, or less words, 
are needed to get the right message across.  By letting you change an entire 
sentence, you can make it sound correct, in the new language.

When finished, you should have the original English line, and the new 
translated line under it.  Please email the finished files back to me, and I 
will handle the rest.

Please be mindful of capital letters and spelling.  If you decide to translate 
this into another language, please post on here what language you are doing.  
This will help ensure, others do not spend time doing the exact same one.  When 
these are all handed back in, I will probably post them so that everyone can 
give them a final check, before they officially go into the game.  Thanks in 
advance guys!

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