Yay Jeremy for including Jaws support! For me, this makes the difference in trying mission 2 and feeling like its not worth the aggrivation to deal with SAPi's crappy output, thank you sir. I know your doing a lot of stuff now with the game, not to mention your paying real job, but I just want to remind you of the idea of a hotkey to bring up a list of jobs to switch a character to, so you can just hit one letter for the job, like maybe hit control j after selecting a character, then c to switch to carpenter, then c again for cook. instead of hitting a or s over and over. This would go a long way in minimizing keystrokes, and the folks out there working on their carpel tunnel syndrome would seriously appreciate it.
  A few questions for anyone out there that knows:
1. Does it matter where you build the houses after they are built? Like do folks occasionally go there to chill out or anything? I know the further away they are, the longer it takes to get materials to build them and all, but if i can place them anywhere, i'd prefer to save the land close to storehouses for other buildings. 2. What terrain can quarrys mine bricks from, and is it more efficient to have them near more dense deposits of rocks, or is it just a matter of having them near any rocks at all? ditto for saw mills. 3. is there an order buildings are built? is it from the storehouse out, or chronological? i thought i knew the answer to this, but seems my last try, things didn't get built as I had predicted. 4. when i check how hungry my peeps are with shift t, it is jumping to the t column. is there a way around this, or is this just an issue with the interface? same for shift any other letter, such as d and f for checking buildings. 5. is there a limit on how many carpenters can work a saw mill at one time? and if so, will 2 carpenters automatically stick with one saw mill if i have 2 saw mills? in other words, do they recognize that a saw mill is already being used and go to the other, or do they queue up? Ditto for quarries. I know I could experiment and find out, but i figured others might know right off the bat. 6. Can we hunt down and have a stake burning for the folks that took off in the ship? Cause if I ever get my hands on them...
Excellent stuff again man, best game I've picked up since TOC for my taste in audio games.

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