Che, you're quite welcome when it comes to Jaws support.  Many of you know, 
I've been going crazy trying to get it working, for several games now!  I ended 
up getting a program that worked with Jaws, then I did a text search for any 
included libraries until I found one that looked like it fit with Jaws.  I then 
sat and tried function calls until I finally hit the right name!  It was a lot 
like trying to sit and guess someone's password.  I had a feeling it would be 
something along the lines of say, or speak, or message... so I just kept trying 
stuff until like 5 in the morning.  Every so often, some guessed function name 
wouldn't error, but it also didn't seem to DO! anything.  It was like getting a 
beep on a metal detector, only to find it is an old bottle cap.  I felt like 
jumping up and down when I finally guessed the right one!

Any VB6 programmers who want to add Jaws support to their games, just let me 
know and I'll send you the, surprisingly short, source code for making it work. 
 I'm also going to be sharing the source code I'm using for handling the 
translations, but I'm going to wait until I am positive it is in perfect 
working order first.  I see no reason other people shouldn't benefit from this 
stuff as well.

I hadn't even thought about it until now, but shift plus T, now has 2 functions 
in the game.  I had forgotten about jumping between columns using shift and a 
letter.  Arg, I'm going to just take that completely out.  As far as I know, 
people don't use it.  Hmmm, maybe I should just change it to control instead, 
so that it will finally work without being messed up with the new commands I've 
been adding.

I like the job hotkey idea, I just haven't gotten around to adding it.  I have 
a "to do" list that's climbed to like 10 pages long!  I seriously need a few 
clones to help me split up this work.  I've been trying to get the territory 
wars multiplayer mode up and running, and I'm also trying to get random maps 
into the next version.  Jaws was really high up on my list, so I'm still super 
excited it finally can be crossed off.

Houses don't need to be close to anything.  Once you get past the building 
time, they can be out in the middle of nowhere and it won't hurt anything.  

Lumber jacks will thin the forests down until they are only scattered trees, at 
which point they are useless.  Hunters can also only hunt in forests or dense 
forests, so that is why they become less efficient as you develop and clear out 
the trees.  Stone masons will thin out stone until it reaches rocky soil.  
Perhaps I should mention that rocky soil, and scattered trees, can both get 1 
or 2 more uses before they are truly useless, but I didn't want to make this 
more confusing than it had to be.  Miners and stone masons can't use the stone 
once it is reduced to rocky soil.  The benefit to building these near dense 
forests and rocky terrain is that they have higher resources in them, and will 
last longer before they are used up.

Buildings are usually built in the order that you place them, but there are 
several things that can affect this.  In the end, it is extremely difficult to 
really predict which will be built first.  Even with knowledge of how the code 
works, I wouldn't try to predict it, lol.

There is currently no limit to how many people can work at any building, with 
the exception of farmers.  The only reason farmers are limited, is because the 
farm must grow its crop, so even if you had 50 farmers to a single farm, they 
must wait for the crop to grow again.

And finally, yes.  Well kinda, I don't want to give away future mission ideas 
before their time comes.  Muhahaha.

>   Yay Jeremy for including Jaws
> support!  For me, this makes the difference in trying
> mission 2 and feeling like its not worth the aggrivation to
> deal with SAPi's crappy output, thank you sir.
>   I know your doing a lot of stuff now with the game,
> not to mention your paying real job, but I just want to
> remind you of the idea of a hotkey to bring up a list of
> jobs to switch a character to, so you can just hit one
> letter for the job, like maybe hit control j after selecting
> a character, then c to switch to carpenter, then c again for
> cook. instead of hitting a or s over and over.
>   This would go a long way in minimizing keystrokes,
> and the folks out there working on their carpel tunnel
> syndrome would seriously appreciate it.
>   A few questions for anyone out there that knows:
> 1. Does it matter where you build the houses after they are
> built? Like do folks occasionally go there to chill out or
> anything? I know the further away they are, the longer it
> takes to get materials to build them and all, but if i can
> place them anywhere, i'd prefer to save the land close to
> storehouses for other buildings.
> 2. What terrain can quarrys mine bricks from, and is it
> more efficient to have them near more dense deposits of
> rocks, or is it just a matter of having them near any rocks
> at all? ditto for saw mills.
> 3. is there an order buildings are built? is it from the
> storehouse out, or chronological? i thought i knew the
> answer to this, but seems my last try, things didn't get
> built as I had predicted.
>   4. when i check how hungry my peeps are with shift
> t, it is jumping to the t column. is there a way around
> this, or is this just an issue with the interface? same for
> shift any other letter, such as d and f for checking
> buildings.
> 5. is there a limit on how many carpenters can work a saw
> mill at one time? and if so, will 2 carpenters automatically
> stick with one saw mill if i have 2 saw mills? in other
> words, do they recognize that a saw mill is already being
> used and go to the other, or do they queue up? Ditto for
> quarries.
>  I know I could experiment and find out, but i figured
> others might know right off the bat.
> 6. Can we hunt down and have a stake burning for the folks
> that took off in the ship? Cause if I ever get my hands on
> them...
>   Hehehe.
>  Excellent stuff again man, best game I've picked up since
> TOC for my taste in audio games.
>   Thanks
> che

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