Thank you sir.

> Hi Jeremy,
> Here is a slightly revised hot key list sorted
> alphabetically.
> Game Keys:
> Adjust screen reader, Tab.
> Adjust SAPI voice speed, Page up, and page down.
> Adjust game speed, [ left bracket and ] right bracket.
> building open or close, prevents supplies from being
> brought to it, Backspace.
> buildings to destroy, or cancel a new construction,
> Delete.
> buildings,Shift D, and F.
> invaded by Goblins, Pressing Shift G.
> jump you to a particular column on the map, Shift, and a
> letter.
> jump you to a particular row on the map, Shift, and a
> number.
> message edit field, when in multiplayer mode, question
> key.
> message menu, mute, or un mute, messages displayed for
> different job types, Shift ` grauve key.
> Messages backlogged, ` grauve key.
> messages, display the last 10, The number keys.
> Messages, last 30 chat, <less and > greater,
> messages,before a chat message, an emote action, /e slash
> e.
> move around the map, Arrow keys.
> pause and unpause the game, Spacebar.
> people's hunger levels, Shift, T.
> people hunger condition, G.
> people upgrade one with a tome, U.
> people who are waiting in your Tavern  to eat, T.
> population  people who fit the job type you cycled to,
> D, and F.
> population  through different jobs they can do,A, and
> S.
> population information, V.
> population job summary, jumps you to the specific job that
> the selected person has, W.
> populationgiving a job summary, E, and R.
> raid against the enemy when on War tent, Backspace.
> Storage of basic items, C.
> Storage of food, Z.
> Storage of refined items, X.

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