Don't worry Dark, I will always keep cooperative play and competitive play 
separate.  I know many people prefer one over the other, so I will try to 
slowly develop each.  Sharing resources has been in the works for a while 
actually, I just keep getting side tracked with other fixes, lol.

> Well I've just finished another game
> on mission 2. 
> I've worked out how to keep cloth up, makes as many serfs
> as possible! they don't half work fast! 
> Also I've now worked out what rangers do, they stop your
> knights being killed on raides. 
> My first raide was four knights and a ranger and did 13
> yeti, my second was five knights, a soldier and a ranger and
> that did the job, 13 yeti down and the city destroyed! 
> Actually i was just about to start making wine, and only
> had 29 adults and 1 child, so was a litle surprised things
> ended so quickly. 
> either way It was certainly fun again and I'll be looking
> forward to seeing the next batch of upgrades. 
> As for pvp and attacking others kingdoms, with the way the
> yeti raides worked there, i can see that as a possibility,
> though i'd stil prefer cooperative multiplayer and pvp to be
> separate options, aprticularly if cooperative play is going
> to be expanded in the future with something like trading
> resources or goods. 
> to be honest though it's the missions and the complexity of
> the system i'm enjoying thus far, and am looking forward to
> seeing what comes next.
> Beware the grue! 
> Dark.

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