Me personally, in mission 1 I've had to build 2 vegetable and sometimes 2 
vineyards. This way I have enough to go around and fill both the tavern and 
the boat. If I want to fill the boat faster, I close the tavern until it is 
almost empty. Then opening it back up doesn't seem to starve anyone because 
the peasants seem to get right on it and fill the tavern right back up 
fairly quickly.

The other thihing to do is to monitor the supplies being dropped off at the 
boat. when you get low on supplies, close the boat until the supplies are 
back up to normal operating levels.

BTW, I've noticed something about the boat that is incorrectly stated when 
building the ship. It says it only needs 50 wood, 18 metal, and 30 cloth. 
There is no mention of stones. But yet when you build it, it says it needs 
18 stones. The documentation also does not mention anything about needing 


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   Hi all,
   I miserably lost the game when everything was ok! Luckily, I saved it so 
I can undo my error, but I need your help to work it out.
   I built the ship, I have some 6 knights of 24 people, I have around 150 
meet, 120 bread and some wine, and about 60 vegetables though I can't 
remember everything exactly. The peasants bring the food into the tavern, 
not onto the ship. I close the tavern, they bring the food onto the ship, 
and start starving. I open the tavern to give them to eat, they eat all the 
rest from the storehouse and start dieing one by one.
   What's the problem? How to sale away?
          Milos Przic
msn: milos.pr...@gmail.com
skype: Milosh-hs 

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