Richard, what version are you using?  I can't spot anywhere that talks about 
the ship needing bricks.

> Hi,
> Me personally, in mission 1 I've had to build 2 vegetable
> and sometimes 2 
> vineyards. This way I have enough to go around and fill
> both the tavern and 
> the boat. If I want to fill the boat faster, I close the
> tavern until it is 
> almost empty. Then opening it back up doesn't seem to
> starve anyone because 
> the peasants seem to get right on it and fill the tavern
> right back up 
> fairly quickly.
> The other thihing to do is to monitor the supplies being
> dropped off at the 
> boat. when you get low on supplies, close the boat until
> the supplies are 
> back up to normal operating levels.
> BTW, I've noticed something about the boat that is
> incorrectly stated when 
> building the ship. It says it only needs 50 wood, 18 metal,
> and 30 cloth. 
> There is no mention of stones. But yet when you build it,
> it says it needs 
> 18 stones. The documentation also does not mention anything
> about needing 
> stones.
> Thanks.
> rich

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