It actually takes 2 yarn to make 1 cloth, so that was the problem there.  I'm 
looking in to the bug with changing jobs.  I haven't experienced it myself, but 
if it has happened to you twice than it must be something I just haven't 
spotted yet.  Thanks for letting me know.

> Hi,
> Noticed a couple of possible bugs worth mentioning:
> 1. Finished a game of mission 1 with version 1.5 last
> night. I noticed that 
> when I have 1 yarn in the textile factory, the weaver will
> not seem to weave 
> it into cloth. He just stood there. it seems that this has
> also happened at 
> other locations, but cannot be sure. Will make a better
> mental note next 
> time.
> 2. I had a ship going, and only needed 1 more cloth. The
> weaver was in the 
> process of making that 1 cloth. I told him to become a
> builder when done. 
> When he was done, the weaver was a builder, but the cloth
> was no where to be 
> found. It wasn't in the supplies, and never got to the
> ship. Had to repeat 
> the process all over. Waiting till the game said the cloth
> was made before 
> giving him another job did the trick.
> This also happened in mission 2 of version 1.4 with the
> tailor weaving a 
> cloak. I told him to go to another job when done, and he
> did. but the cloak 
> never got into my supplies.
> Thanks for a great game.
> rich 

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