Hi Dark,

No, fortunately I didn't need a dose of Jeremey's Speedy Gonzales
juice to resolve this issue. I actually found the source of the bugs
quite by accident. :D

As for the change logs I tend to only announce changes that are of
interest to the general public. I don't necessarily mention spelling
corrections or that I expanded a comment or two to make note of some
additional change in the code I can review later if needed. There are
certain minor issues so minor that they aren't worth mentioning. Like
I might decide to rename variable a to variable b, or that I discover
by reviewing a function that line 2096 is not properly indented and I
corrected the formatting on the spot. Such things are so minor and
trivial that it would bore you to tears reading about them.  All the
same its nice knowing that such minor issues are fixed when and where
needed for my part at least.


On 8/2/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> Wooo, that was fast, Has jeremy slipped you some of his super caffeinated
> coacane impregnated extra hot tabasco flavoured red bull? ;D.
> seriously, glad to here it's less of a task than it sounded at least to me,
> sinse I was expecting this to add about an extra fortnight to a month onto
> mota developement time, glad to here that's not the case.
> As to the changelogs, sinse you listed bug fixes I sort of assumed
> everything was in there, though it does make sense if you only list the
> major well known bugs like the bouncing endless jumping one that happened
> when you first introduced analogue jumping.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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