Hi Dark,

Well, beta 20 was the only time I took down a public beta that I
recall, and with good reason. It was, you might say, the eexception to
the rule. Mostly if a beta is reasonably stable, as beta 21 is, I
leave them up for people to download and play. Beta 20 however had
problems that were extremely serious, and I'm sure  you can understand
the last thing I wanted is hundreds of bug reports coming in on
problems I was aware of and working on trying to fix already.
Although, public testing is generally a good thing there are times
where there is too much public feedback on a single bug or problem,
and when the game crashed when you alt+tabbd into another program it
was something I was going to hear plenty about before I could fix it.
Which of course I did manage to fix in beta 21.

 The other reason I didn't bother reposting beta 20 was a practical
one. In my mind beta 21 was just around the corner. Probably no more
than another day or two. Unfortunately, fixing the bugs took much
longer than expected and instead of a day or two it took me almost two
weeks to resolve some of the more serious bugs/problems. So since I
was planning on a release of beta 21 in a few days it only seemed
logical not to repost beta 20.

As for my grandma let's just say it doesn't look good. Her kidnies are
failing, her heart is not very strong, and the doctor doesn't give her
very long to live. So this is not going to be a very happy or relaxing
next week or two.


On 8/9/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I hope your grandma is alright, though if not then fair enough regarding
> mota.
> The reason i mentioned being a litle worried about mota beta 21 being taken
> down is I do remember you took down a previous version (20 I think), because
> it had various bugs, but obviously sinse I can't grab it immediately, I'd
> rather even if it does have bugs that it stay up until i can.
> Beware the grue!

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