Glad to hear you're giving the game a try.  For your yarn situation, I would 
definitely suggest getting more peasants.  With only 4 peasants they will be so 
busy with the more important tasks that they'll almost never get around to 
doing things like spinning yarn.  They will always deal with food related items 
first, since that is more vital to keeping your people alive.

The mine will work best when placed near rocks.  Just like a quarry, the miner 
travels out to collect metal ore from the rocky portions of the map.  I'm 
guessing there aren't rocks near your mine.

> Hello all,
> Well, after hearing some thing about castaways, I decided
> to give it a try. So far, I made progress, have 33 people
> total in my settlement and have some soldiers battling the
> goblins. Some time ago, I noticed peasants stopped
> production of spinning animal fur into yarn. I have a total
> of 139 animal fur and the textile contains five fur and 0
> cloths. The hospital has 0 cloths for bandages, and I have
> nine people suffering from their ailments. I am curious to
> know why the peasants are not spinning yarn. should I
> increase the number of peasants? Right now I have four of
> them, and most of them are transporting supplies around. I
> think two of them have a primary job, but I may be unsure as
> to that.I have built more houses, so as to make the
> population grow. Also, the production of metal bars and
> farmers seems to be taking forever. I built the mine on
> land, put a forge right next to them. It seems like I have
> to wait about 1500 or so number of ticks before being able
> to build any barracks or guard towers. I am playing on
> mission one, easiest level.
> If someone can provide me with this, hints and strategies,
> could you send them my way? I would really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Alfredo

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