Version 2.1 has been posted.  I wanted to fit more in to this update but I've 
been too busy to get the rest done.  Since this version contains some pretty 
important bug fixes, it seemed worth posting.  This update will hopefully fix 
almost everyone who has been experiencing problems with the regional settings 
bug.  The War tent had a bug that affected the soldiers not showing up, that 
has been fixed.  I've also fixed 2 bugs that could sometimes affect your 
ability to send pikemen or cavalry.  The newly reported bug from Christopher is 
fixed, where it might have taken away too many soldiers after reinforcing a 
friend online.

I went in and made the merchant cart code a little more stable.  It was working 
fine, but I spotted a few places where "tampering" by people looking to give 
themselves an advantage could have broken it.

The V key gives more information than it used to.  The T key, without shift, no 
longer tells you about people in the Tavern.  Due to changes several versions 
ago, you don't see people in there much anyways so the key was being wasted.  
The new feature is a toggle called territorial.  By default it is turned on.  
When turned on, your soldiers will automatically go out to defend your land 
against intruders.  This sounds familiar because that's how the game has always 
worked.  By pressing T to turn territorial off, you can prevent your soldiers 
from going out to fight.  This is especially useful when you are trying to 
train soldiers since you can't do that if they keep running out and dying 
before you get a chance to train them.

I just realized I put sounds in for opening and closing buildings, but forgot 
to adjust the code!  Haha!  Oh well, i'll get that for the next update.  I did, 
however, add in sounds for each individual building type.  You will not notice 
any difference though, since each sound is just a copy of the default building 
sound I introduced last version.  What I want, is for people to come up with 
sounds that seem to fit each building and submit them.  I keep losing the sound 
guys who volunteer to work on castaways, so I am going to try a different 
approach.  With this task given out to everyone, hopefully some sounds will 
start coming in that will improve the game for everyone.  The sounds for the 
buildings all begin with a capital B, to keep them grouped together in the 
sounds folder.  Replace the game sounds with your own sounds, so that you can 
test them out by playing the game with them.  I think this is a good way to 
find out if a sound really seems to
 fit, and also tells you if the sound will get annoying too fast while you try 
to play the game with it.  lol!

Links for the audyssey people.  :)

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