Chris, I'm glad you like the idle category and I have written down your 
suggestion to remove mothers and ailing from that count it gives.  The idle 
category was recently suggested by someone from the community, and I was very 
excited to put it in because I also thought it was an excellent idea!

I think last week marked my finally beating all 3 missions on hard, but yes it 
is quite a big difference between hard and normal.  I didn't miss the resources 
so much, but the mission people does hurt and the extra random disasters can 
wreak havoc at an instant.

Has anyone given the new starter, perks, or fault a try yet?  I'd be interested 
to hear what people think of them.  If any seem totally useless we can figure 
out a good replacement.

> First of all, I love the concept
> behind listing the idle workers.  Could you
> pull out the ailing and mothers from the number though as
> it's confusing to
> see two idle workers but not find the idle category because
> they're both
> mothers.  I think we know that mothers and ailing are
> idle.
> Trying my first hard mode game and man, 10 is hard to start
> out with.  Those
> extra two workers make a much bigger difference than you'd
> think.
> Chris Bartlett

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