On the doom issue, I personally don't find the monsters' origin to really contribute to it's fear factor at all, so whether it's a demon or a mutant or an alien really doesn't bother me as much.

Personally it's how the monster looks and sounds, and indeed how much you know about it that I find makes it scary.

Look at the hp lovecraft creatures. Often you were only told a random (and unpronounceable), name with an origin that might be another dimention, hell, an alien planet or goodness knows where.

however the mystery combined with the really freaky appearence, humanoid squid, birds with dripping eyeballs, black oozing masses with no clear form, all makes the creatures worse.

In shades, even though you knew! they were experiment creatures, the evilness of the sounds usedand the fact that you didn't get a description contributed a lot to their mystery. for instance how are the mutant humans mutated? covered with fir? scales?

Organs on the outside of bodies?

I personally always imagined them a bit like frankenstein's monster, missshapen with bulging muscles bursting through their clothes, maybe protruberances of bone etc, and of course what I imagined is probably far scarier than any description!

Beware the grue!


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