Hi Will,

No. The game will be divided up into different levels like any other
game. The only difference you will notice is full 3d movement, and of
course all of the rooms etc will be drawn to scale. There will be
other differences like if you walk up a staircase you will actually
walk up the staircase, or down it depending on what direction you are
going. There will, of course, require 3d targeting as well. That's
enough, I think, for an introduction to 3d game play for most people.

There are technical reasons why it would not be a good idea to contain
the entire game in a single level. For one if you want to put a
certain number of monsters on each floor you can reuse enemy objects
per game level instead of having to create a couple of hundred enemy
objects. Why do that when you can just reset the object variables,
reset them to defaults, and reuse the same type of enemy you killed on
the previous floor/level?

Another is sound effects. Loading sounds, music, etc takes processor
power and memory. Again if you can reuse a sound that's no problem.
However, if you have hundreds of enemies and special items on a single
game level it gets complicated trying to manage all of those sound
effects. Its easier to just cut it down to the top 50 sounds you need
for that specific level and handle sounds etc on a level per level
basis. It saves the developer work, and saves processor power and
memory usage as well. Make sense?


On 9/29/11, william lomas <will.d.lo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> will it if it 3d just b one big sprawling level?

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