Hi tom.

On the single level point, there is actually another way around it.

What games like Metroid do, --- something I'd love to see done in audio actually, is have a large series of connected rooms.

The game only loads the monsters in the current room, thus cutting down lag time, you can slay all monsters in a room, however when you leave a room and return the monsters are back as they reload.

This isn't a problem though, sinse you can gather refill items from monsters.

some rooms have exits you can't reach or unlock without particular items, so the game becomes a big hunt through a maze like layout, with some rooms harder to get to than others, and hole regions of the maze inaccessible without certain items.

Obviously the easier a room is to get to, the easier the enemies in it.

What the old metroid games did about redoing enemies was pallet swap.

For instance you'd get green versions in one part of the planet, then later get red versions that behaved the same way, but moved faster, took more damage and hurt you a lot more if they hit.

Pitch swapping, ---- or even just the fact that your in a different environment could let you know that the evil super wolves inside! the crypt are much easier than the puny wolves outside.

I'm not suggesting this (though I believe one of the playstation castlevania games did follow a very similar layout), however it is something you might want to think about for a possible future title, sinse it gives some great options for exploration.

Beware the Grue!


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