Alex, your proposed wall configuration would definitely protect the survivor 

Try not to think about the direction the walls face, since they really don't 
work like that.  They completely protect the tile they are on, making it 
impassable for enemies.  Stones, trees, and water are also completely 
impassable so walls can be used to compliment them.  If your base has a long 
stretch of forest to its left, that is exactly the same as if each of those 
tiles were a wall instead of trees.  In both situations, enemies are forced to 
walk around rather than traveling through to attack your buildings.  I hope 
this helps, and I know that the way walls work has been confusing for a lot of 

> hi list.
> I am just wondering, how does the placement of walls work
> in castaways?
> do walls always have to be built between things so for
> example two bits of forest or two rocky fields, is building
> the wall between two objects what determines what direction
> the wall is facing?
> so for example, in mission 5 I am putting walls round my
> survivor camp, are these walls going to form a square to
> seal the camp in.
> so for example,
> my survivor camp is at g9,
> and I am placing walls at g8, f9, h9, and g10.

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