The steering actually requires aiming to be turned on in the version everyone 
is using.  It works very similar to how aiming works, except your entire body 
turns instead of just your weapon.  You can center and shoot zombies in exactly 
the same way, but when steering you can also smoothly navigate.  Here's an 
example that you couldn't do without steering.  If you wanted to go around some 
water without going through it, you may have noticed that the ground around the 
water has a different sound as you step on it.  You may have also noticed that 
each foot actually does step on either side of you instead of just being a 
repeating sound effect.  You can walk to the mud, turn, and walk with just your 
left foot on the mud and the right foot on the grass.  As soon as either foot 
changes you will know that you need to move closer or farther from the water, 
and with steering on you can just smoothly adjust your walking angle until you 
are back on track with each
 foot being different terrain.  No matter how complicated and wavy the water 
is, you could easily use steering to match the shape.  I don't really know why 
you'd WANT to walk like the example, but it illustrates smooth steering versus 
clunky keyboard rotation.

> This is remarkably fun, now that I've
> got it working.  So far, I've managed
> 7 zombies several times.  Here are some things to
> consider.
> The aiming mode makes perfect sense and affects the
> sound.  So far, I
> haven't gotten the hang of the steering mode, and the idea
> of both is a bit
> confusing.  If you have both on at the same time,
> which is affected by a
> mouse movement?  
> Directional sound, it's a bit difficult to tell the
> difference between
> zombies ahead and behind you.  I get that the ones in
> front are louder, but
> the difference causes a bit of hesitation, which has killed
> me from time to
> time.  Also, I'm not hearing sounds at all if they're
> off to one side or the
> other, only if they're in a 90-degree cone ahead or
> behind.  
> For game play, the shacks could have first aid packs that
> would, at the cost
> of time, allow you to heal, thus prolonging your torture,
> er game play.
> Chris Bartlett

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