Thanks Chris.  I've been spending a good amount of time today hunting down 
bugs, but I haven't been able to squash these annoying ones.  I recoded part of 
the buffer code because I thought the silent gun bug was due to buffers filling 
up, but it didn't solve the problem.

The ninja zombie bug and the spawning bug are driving me crazy.  I've gone 
through all that code line by line several times now and it looks perfect.  For 
some reason though, it will sometimes spawn you right in the middle of a zombie 
group, or it will spawn new zombies right next to you.

> Ok, lots of interesting bugs that
> won't show up in the debug.txt log.  A
> number of times, I'd go to fire and there would be silence,
> though my ammo
> was expended.  It seemed to happen mostly when I was
> trying to pick off
> unaware zombies, rather than when I was unde3r specific
> attack.  
> Also, I had a couple of recurrences of the shift-a/d mouse
> direction bug.
> I do like the redone controls for weapon selection, it
> makes weapons
> switching much easier, which is important when a zombie
> ninja shows up from
> nowhere and the axe is required.

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