Actually that's how it started out, but I think it was 2 versions ago I changed 
it over to fixed amounts.  While random amounts were more realistic, I didn't 
feel that it was worth the extra server work just to perhaps gain a handful of 
extra bullets or a handful less.  By having standard ammo magazine sizes, the 
server doesn't need to send any extra details as the amount is always the same. 
 If people think it would make a difference, I will switch it back to the way 
it was.  I don't really mind either way.

> Greetings.
> Currently, ammo is always found in stable quantities. Being
> that we're finding these items on the corpses of soldiers
> and other survivors, it would make sense that there would be
> the possibility of not finding a full set.
> Perhaps when finding ammo, you'd find a box of
> random([min]-[max]) ammo. To make it fair, it should
> probably have a reasonable minimum, and a reasonable
> maximum.
> Kai

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