Johnny, would it solve the problem if you were able to raise the volume on just 
the left side of the headphones?  I've been considering adding a feature that 
might help those with hearing loss on one side.  You would tell the game to 
artificially boost the volume on one side by some percentage, to make up for 
the hearing loss on that side.  If this wouldn't help it would be good to know 
so that I don't waste time with it.

> Okay, finally found some time to sit
> down and give this the attention it deserves- first let me
> say that, it's darn addicting lol.
> Great job on this game- it'd be something I'd gladly shell
> out money for once the bugs are ironed out.
> One thing, I really, really, really need that aiming
> support- with one functional ear, it's really frustrating
> trying to aim- so I ended up sticking to the axe most
> times.
> Also, trying to find loot-bearing corpses is tough too- I
> had to move back and forth for a good 2 mins before I
> stumble over it and got the rifle lol.
> If I was in a house where I can crank the sound up real
> high, this'd be no prob, but as it is, with headphone on I
> only get input from one side- I tried to account for that by
> always hugging the wall on my deaf side- but that's not all
> that easy to do when you're trying to find items to loot and
> things to kill.

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