Thing is, while I see why the loot rate got dropped and the need to lose items 
on death- it's like being tortured lol.
While yes, some people were so good that they could rack up thousands of rounds 
of ammo in the last release, there were some, okay I admit, I was/am one of the 
suckier ones, who always ran out- even when the loot was high- just cause I 
spent so much ammo hitting nothing.
So now that loots are hard to find, and you lose them on death- it's like being 
punished for not being good at the game lol.
In fact it's so frustrating at times that I almost trashed the mouse...rofl
I'm talking about, spending all your remaining points to buy ammo, so you stand 
a fighting chance, then head out, get jumped by like 10 zombies at once, died, 
all gone.
Then you sneak around with the axe, good, find several clips, time to go back 
to safe zone, jumped by the same group of 10, died again, all gone.
Am I whining? Yes I am, lol, but that's cause there's something I really gotta 
whine about.
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