When you go to write a message to someone while using NVDA you hear the previously displayed text when you hit enter before your message is read. 1.1 didn't do this. I think the window message or what ever used to get cleared before hand. NVDA can repeat text if it hasn't been cleared yet. Swamp usually doesn't clear it, but sometimes it does. I usually don't hear what I picked up over the sound of my footsteps etc so I either do caps lock up arrow or caps lock t to repeat it but sometimes it just says swamp or blank when I do this while other times it does indeed repeat. Is swamp accidentally clearing the message sometimes?

When using jaws, there is a bit of a delay before speech. The delay lasts until after the select sound in the menus, which is too loud. Is swamp making jaws delay for that on purpose? If so can you get NVDA to do it too? I edited the select sound and turned it down by like 15 using gold wave's volume affect and it's still plenty loud.

I know folks have been complaining about the footstep sounds. But has anyone gone in the sewer yet? I call that loud. Lol. Not only that but it's nice and easy, ahem, not, to get out of there. It took me about 20 minutes since I don't know how, if there is a way, to track the entrance to it.

Oh, can you make the sound for open space more pronounced? If not I can just edit it here so I can hear it.

I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this,, but it's almost 4 o'clock my time and I had some trouble with Thunderbird so I'll mention it again in case. The impact sounds aren't quite loud enough to be heard over weapons. I know Jonnie mentioned that and I agree with him.

Here's another strange one.
A friend of mine and I talked on skype while playing at the same location. We exited the safe zone together and everything, but we couldn't ever hear one another. We couldn't even hear player messages to one another, you know the ones where you hit f.

Also sometimes people's chats aren't reaching everyone. The friend on skype helped me figure that out too. I asked a question, got a reply but never actually did get it. The friend happened to say oh there's your answer on skype is the only way I knew.

The same friend was getting all worried because neither of us can play Swamp any more, but I told him I thought for sure there would be plenty of tweaks to make it more playable like it used to be, lots of bug fixes. Even though I know this was a test release so you could get some bug reports in that doesn't mean it's not frustrating as all heck when I get killed literally two doesn't out of the safe zone!

Which mouse sensitivity setting will put the turn speed back the way it was in 1.1b? Is that default?

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