Chris, your comparison between the 2 award currencies and the 2 variables for 
killing zombies was very good!  I had been considering this type of idea ever 
since Kai pitched the idea to me, but I wasn't yet sold on it.  This was just 
the push I needed to agree with such a change.  :D  I am adding this to my list 
of things to change.

When it comes to experience and level, I will be keeping it as it is for now.  
True, players will all eventually reach level 5, but I have some ideas for 
making that more interesting.  In most games you tend to gain levels on a 1 way 
path as well, so once I begin adding more content I think it will all work out.

> I've been mulling awards and have
> some thoughts to share.  There are
> currently two different award currencies, experience and
> reputation.
> Experience gives access to higher-level stuff, while
> reputation is the
> currency with which you buy it.
> There are also two variables in zombie killing, the zombie
> type you kill and
> the weapon with which you do it.  This should allow
> for some variation in
> awards.
> I suggest that reputation should be awarded on the basis of
> which weapon you
> use to kill the zombie.  Axe should get the highest
> award, followed by
> pistol and shotgun.  I'm not sure exactly how to order
> the rest.  I
> personally have an easier time with the hunting rifle than
> I do with the
> Banally, but it has five shots vs. eight, so one could
> argue that it's
> harder because of more frequent reloads.  The assault
> rifle, m-60 and Vulcan
> all seem similar, though if I remember correctly the
> machine guns have a
> longer range.  And I'm not sure where the sniper rifle
> fits in, still
> mastering that weapon.
> The second variable is zombie type, and this should be
> accounted for with
> different experience awards.  It is certainly more
> difficult to kill a
> tyrant or matriarch than it is to kill the garden variety
> zombie.
> I think I'd save the 1 rep point award for kills with the
> big guns.  Axe
> might be worth as much as 10, pistol maybe 7 and shotgun 5
> with others
> proceeding from there.  This makes those times with
> only a pistol and axe
> and no ammo a bit easier to deal with.
> As for exp, have the common zombie worth 5.  I'd argue
> the dogs should be
> worth less; I've one-shotted them with a pistol. 
> Other types go up in award
> to maybe 20 for the tyrant?
> Lastly, there needs to be a limiting factor on
> experience.  As it is,
> everyone's going to be level 5 sooner or later; you just
> have to keep
> playing, never mind how many times you die. 
> Reputation is self-limiting
> since you spend it for stuff, but experience has no such
> limiting factor.
> So I propose that death should cost experience.  I'd
> reset it to 0, but we
> all know I'm the rat bastard who wants to steal all your
> fun.  perhaps a
> compromise of half would work.
> Anyway, that's what I have so far, now that the worst of
> the bugs have been
> squashed.  (Great work and thank you Jeremy.)
> Chris Bartlett

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