Hi Jeremy,
When I worked on Tank Commander, we played a looping tank tread sound for a tank object as it was moving or stationary. When you hit the tank the tread sound was removed and replaced by an explosion that only played once. Then if the tank was still living, we removed the explosion sound and brought back the tread sound. If the tank was dead we replaced the explosion with a looping burning tank sound that had a timer attached. Once the timer ran out, maybe in ten minutes, the burning sound was replaced with a smaller explosion sound that represented the ammo blowing the tank to bits.
After that sound was played, we removed the tank as an obstacle.
All of the sounds were mono files so the sounds would play in the same coordinates as the tank. With zombies, you could go from walking and moaning sounds to a body being hit and cry sounds, to a body falling and if the zombie had any equipment a metal falling sound. Then blood gushing from wounds for a few minutes while flies discovered the dead zombie.
Then the current looping flies could be used to find the body.
When you get into range of the dead body you could play your foot hitting something then the description of what you found on the dead zombie.
You could have a rustling sound of you going through the pockets.
During this time maybe the flies would be scared away. Once you get the ammo or guns the flies would come back.
And then their sound would fade out as they finished their feeding.

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When a zombie dies near you but you aren't the killer, the zombie splat
sound doesn't happen, the zombie just disappears. It's a bit disconcerting.

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