Just in time for me to go spend another solid week of double shifts, I've got 
the update to Swamp posted.  This should fix the reported bugs as well as add 
in a few new things.  Because several files have been adjusted, I'm not 
offering the smaller download option this time.


Changes from version 1.6b to 1.7b

- Fixed a bug that prevented single items from being donated in the Safe zone.  
There was new code that was meant to clean out items once they reached zero 
quantity, and there was a bug in it.
- The Field kit can now hold 4 med kits at a time.  This means you can use it 
more before stopping to reload it.
- Fixed the radio mode bug.  Turns out there was a typo messing up any key 
setting that included holding down ALT.
- Fixed the mix up between mouse 1 and mouse 2 in the controls.  If you are 
someone who has modified their keyconfig.ini file, you will notice that the 
moving forward and shooting lines have been switched.  For those who didn't 
know, MOUSE4 is when you click down the mouse wheel.
- The radio is now separated into different channels to keep conversations from 
mixing and getting out of hand.  Hold shift and press < or > to cycles through 
channels.  Only people in the same channel will be able to hear when you type a 
- The custom key config file now supports the number pad keys.  The commands 
must begin with the # symbol, and include these 14 keys.  #0 through #9, #/, 
#*, #-, #+, and #. .
- Fixed a bug that could cause the game to gradually slow down.
- Fixed a menu sound effect that I had wrong.
- You can now unload your guns using Shift + R.  This allows you to move ammo 
out of one gun and into another that shares the same ammo type.
- I have fixed the bug causing ambient sounds to get stuck and continue to play 
even after you had walked away.
- I believe I've fixed a similar bug that was affecting zombie growls.
- You can now review all in-game chat by using [ and ].  Following each message 
will be a number letting you know how many messages into the past you are 
listening to.
- The building helper has been added.  Press Shift + Spacebar to toggle it on 
and off.  When in a building, the building helper plays a sound letting you 
know that you're moving deeper into a building, or moving closer to an exit.
- Buying ammo now plays the proper sound.
- Fixed a bug that unfairly credited you with kills that the Safe zone guard 
actually made.
- Removed single player from the menu list because the latest code changes were 
finally enough to make it completely unplayable.  When I get around to working 
on single player I will add it back in.
- Kai has adjusted a few more of the game's sounds, plus added a few.
- Menu music has been added, which was provided by Che.
- For players using game's graphics, the color of cement floors in buildings 
has been changed.

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