------- Comment #47 from paolo dot carlini at oracle dot com  2010-09-17 19:38 
To further clarify: what you have in mind isn't something which can belong to a
casual PR, is a major redesign of basic_filebuf, according to a different basic
philosophy, which at the time, Nathan called unified vs non-unified, if I
remember correctly. At the time we moved *away* from what you essentially want,
because we believed the new design to be superior in terms of performance.
Anyway, if you want to propose something different, or a variant of the old
design, please post messages to the libstdc++ mailing list, not here, remember
to involve Nathan in the discussions, benchmark in various circumstances the
various options, in particular, if you want something similar to the old scheme
make sure you are *improving* on it. Remember, in practice, that in the 7 years
since we moved to new scheme, **nobody ever** asked for the old behavior,
nobody complained about the performance of basic_filebuf, thus, if, in the
future, we are going to change it again, we really want to be sure to do it
after a **very** serious and public analysis.



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