------- Comment #51 from paolo dot carlini at oracle dot com  2010-09-17 20:07 
If you can allow writes after reads and viceversa *also* without seeks in the
middle, and without affecting performance and without adding data members,
that's fine. Let's see what you come up with it. By the way, get and put areas
never overlapped in the past, just look at the code in SVN, the movement of the
pointers was synced, true, exactly because one wanted each area to somehow
"know" what the other area was doing in order to "more easily" switch between
reads and writes without seeks. And nobody liked that scheme, was slow and
buggy. That happened way before I started contributing, for the record. Then
the new design came, outlined by Nathan, and simply inspired by C stdio,
nothing strange. As a matter of fact, many users found it also quite easy to
use, because - in case wasn't clear already from my previous comments -
**nobody ever** complained.



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