------- Comment #53 from paolo dot carlini at oracle dot com  2010-09-17 21:22 
What can I say, I don't know anybody still using GCCs dating back to 2003. In
any case, my point wasn't really about seek(0, cur) and its optimization, etc,
my point was about the general design, where you use seeks to switch, you have
get and put areas completely independent, etc. As far as I know, **nobody**
asked to have the old behavior back, not in Bugzilla, not in the mailing lists,
nowhere in public discussions. Nobody **ever** commented **anywhere** that
using seeks to switch was unusual, entire Linux distros have been quickly
recompiled to use the new filebuf, we are now able to perform series of
consecutive get or put almost as fast as "C" getc_unlocked and putc_unlocked
(see the performance testsuite), etc. To summarize, I have nothing in principle
against speeding up this and that (of course) but I do not accept comments
implying that the current design is just wrong and should be changed to
something else without a careful analysis, benchmarks, a discussion on the
mailing list with all the experts involved, etc.



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