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> So what was
> required to clarify an issue for a number of people ended up confusing you. 
> Also note that every
> compiler tried (XL, ifort, g95, gfortran)  had different results, which was 
> only clear when OUT was
> filled with a non-white-space character and annotated.  Looking back on it I 
> see that what we
> thought was a trivial example program could confuse someone not privy to the 
> discussions that lead
> from the above example code to what was entered in bugzilla.

Please go to http://gcc.gnu.org/buzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45710

My original comment was directed at how *extremely difficult*
it is to read your
bug report because of the poorly formatted narrative.  Long lines get wrapped
in bugzilla,
which means that the large comment in the posted code is broken
into different lines that
are no longer comments.  So one cannot simply cut-n-paste the original
code into
a program that one can easily compile to demonstrate the problem.  Oh, and
yes, you 
should have included the original simple program
because that program 
is a good candidate for the dejagnu testsuite; whereas the large code
may be
more difficult to add the dg directives and possibly a final scan
of an intermediate file.

For the sarcasm impaired, the above was purposely written
with poor line breaks to hopefully demonstrate the problem.



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