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Subject: Re:  Adjust format and padding for WRITE of NAMELIST group to internal

Great! Although I (too?) find the f2008 reference a little confusing on 
whether the line beginning the NAMELIST output
needs to have column 1 clear, I found the XL IBM on-line Fortran manual 
shows the & in column two; and the case where
the output might all be on one line is clearer if column 1 is clear; and the 
history behind column one being special for ASA carriage-control  (still 
available on VMS/OpenVMS and via commands like asa(1), even if no longer 
common) made me lean towards asking for it to be shifted (along with the 
cited line from the f2008 reference). Plus, it is clear that column 1 can be 
clear if desired (Arbitrary numbers of spaces are allowed to precede the & 
the way I read the standard). So I would still prefer the & to start in 
column 1, but I can understand someone not
being convinced that it is required; and it does seem more asthetically 
pleasing in column 1.

Since it is stated in the standard that column one is used by a continued 
character string, allowing it to have the & is not going to complicate
things much further; and the standard doesn't specify many other things in a 
way that I'm sure about the meaning yet (should output be "wrapped" to the 
length of the internal file record lengths when a string exceeds the 
internal file record
 length or is it OK to cast an error indicating the record length is 
exceeded;  exactly which delimiter is the default for strings; is "stream 
I/O" format supported for internal files; ...?) I can see
either interpretation at this point.

Adding  the record with blanks solves a real issue I encountered; and
 the initial problem I saw was already addressed in 4.6.0 so I'm happy and 
just want to say "Thanks!".

NAMELIST output example from the IBM manual (column 1 is not used)
    1         2         3         4
 I=12046, J=12047, C=BACON, SMITH=20, John Smith
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Subject: [Bug fortran/45710] Adjust format and padding for WRITE of NAMELIST 
group to internal file

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> --> (http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=21860&action=view)
> Tentative patch, not regression tested
> Our interpretation of this:
> 3 An ampersand character followed immediately by a namelist-group-name
>  will be produced by namelist formatting at the start of the first
>  output record to indicate which particular group of data objects is
>  being output. A slash is produced by namelist formatting to indicate
>  the end of the namelist formatting.
> Is no space on the first line.  I would like to leave it that way for now.
> Attached patch fixes the padding.
> -- 
> http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45710
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