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>>   There's one particular issue: the change to java/io/File.java required
>>   my to regenerate the .class file in classpath.  I've used Sun javac
>>   -target 1.5 for that and hope I got it right.
> I'd have expected regeneration to use GCJ built to use ECJ, though I don't 
> know.

I've never tried this.  Given that the .class file lives below
libjava/classpath and has to be synced with upstream Classpath anyway, I
hope the Java maintainers will take care of that.

At least with the javac-built File.class I had no libjava testsuite

>> * With the removal of #pragma extern_prefix support, gcc/po/gcc.pot
>>   needs to be regenerated.  Since I'm not positive I have the right
>>   tools and trying found unrelated changes, I've omitted that change.
> There is no expectation that anyone changing diagnostics regenerates this 
> file; it's regenerated as needed before submission to the Translation 
> Project.

Ok, thanks.

>>      gcc:
>>      * config.gcc (alpha*-dec-osf5.1*): Remove.
> I'd suggest removing the extra_passes mechanism in the followup since this 
> was the only user of that mechanism in config.gcc.

Yup, will do.

>>      * target.def (handle_pragma_extern_prefix): Remove.
> Removed hooks should be poisoned in system.h.

Ok.  Greping for current occurences obviously missed this :-)


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