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"Joseph S. Myers"<jos...@codesourcery.com>  writes:

   There's one particular issue: the change to java/io/File.java required
   my to regenerate the .class file in classpath.  I've used Sun javac
   -target 1.5 for that and hope I got it right.

I'd have expected regeneration to use GCJ built to use ECJ, though I don't

I've never tried this.  Given that the .class file lives below
libjava/classpath and has to be synced with upstream Classpath anyway, I
hope the Java maintainers will take care of that.

This it documented (although perhaps badly) in install/configure.html

You should use --enable-java-maintainer-mode, this will cause the build to use ecj and gjavah to regenerate all the generated files in the 'standard' manner.

At least with the javac-built File.class I had no libjava testsuite

It probably results in a usable .class file, but is error prone and not very reproducible.

David Daney

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