Oleg Endo <oleg.e...@t-online.de> wrote:
> This one had a bug, as discussed in the PR.
> I've tested the attached latest version of the patch (same as in the PR)
> against rev 185160 with 
> make -k check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=sh-sim
> \{-m2/-ml,-m2/-mb,-m2a-single/-mb,
> -m4-single/-ml,-m4-single/-mb,
> -m4a-single/-ml,-m4a-single/-mb}"
> once more and confirmed that there are no new failures.  The new failure
> '21_strings/basic_string/cons/char/6.cc' mentioned in the PR is failing
> due to the test program allocating too much memory for the simulator.
> It aborts with a 'heap and stack collision'.  Chaning the number of test
> iterations in the test case from '13' to '12' makes it pass again.
> OK to commit the patch?



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