I am part of a project developing content addressable memory.  I am the
2nd author for a paper on this presented at MEMSYS 2023, and with
additions likely to be accepted by ACM shortly. 

My role is to develop software to demonstrate the benefits of the
hardware/memory. A part of that is implimenting language extensions to
provide native support for content addressible memory.  
And then to modify some applications to utilize those extensions and
demonstrate the value. 

We have already developed a C/C++ preprocessor, that is mostly
functional,  but are looking to move to altering some actual compilers.

At this time this work is purely proof of the value proposition to
content addressible memory. Presuming that our work proves valuable, 
that will provide an impetus for further works. 

Right now I am just focused on some means to deliver support. 

So I am looking for direction regarding how to easily extend gcc to
provide support for content addressible memory.  

Basically I need to be able to tag variables as Content addressable,
rather than normally addressed, and then change code generation for CA
variables such that they reference memory by key rather than address. 

Is there a guide anywhere to developing language extensions for GCC
and/or making changes to code generation ?

I am a competent embedded software developer, with some ancient
experience with compilers, but starting from scratch with GCC. 
Pointers would be appreicated.  Help would be appreciated. While I am
leading this part of the project, there is some funding available for

Some recent languages have some form of content based addressing, but
this is implimented by the CPU.  We have altered the address logic of
memory to alter the way an "address" is handled ushc that it can
function as a key rather than a traditional linear address. 

We have demonstrated Sort in Memory with relatively simple changes to
memory addressing logic, and we have extended the addressing
capabilities to things like sparse array notation which has
applications to AI. 

We are not looking to feed anything into the GCC distribution. 
But the software  will be open source. 




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